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Neighbourhood Alert from Neighbourhood Watch Scotland: Feel safe where you live and work

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“When I read this message yesterday, I got up and looked out of my window and I could imagine others doing the same, all over our area. It made me feel part of the community. Then when the 2nd message arrived, I was really happy, and felt that I’d been part of something really great. I think this initiative is a powerful tool for good and many people will be blessed by it. Keep up the good work, and thank you!”

That’s one person who received one of our timely, local and relevant alerts.  In this case, a missing person alert was sent out one evening with another following a few hours later to tell people he had been found.  Alongside Police Scotland and a number of other partners, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland delivers this local safety information to individuals by text phone and email.

Here’s an example of an alert:

More examples of the sort of alerts people receive can be found here

After a successful pilot in the Rutherglen area, both Perth & Kinross and Scottish Borders councils have purchased their own licenses and are going from strength to strength.

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Frequently asked questions:

What does this cost?

Nothing. It’s free.

What personal information do you ask for?

In order for us to send messages, we need people’s names, address and one way of contacting them (email, text or voicemail). The more information we have about someone and their interests the better we can tailor alerts to them.

Will you share details with other companies or organisations?

When signing up people have the option to choose to receive alerts from some of our partners (e.g. Police Scotland, Trading Standards, your Local Authority). If you choose one of these they will have the ability to see your details and send you messages. You can deselect an information provider at any time.

Will you send people spam?

No. The only messages people receive will relate to crime prevention and community safety.

Can people stop receiving alerts?

At any time you can change the type of alerts you receive or stop receiving alerts altogether.

Why do you ask for telephone numbers?

Most alerts are sent by email but sometimes, when we need to get information out urgently, we will use text and voicemail.

Can people reply to the alerts?

Yes and all replies are read though some will not be replied to if they are simply passing on information for our attention.

Do other people see the email address?

No. Only the information providers the person has selected see this.

Can people report crime through the system?

No. The system is not designed for this. To report a crime you should call 999 or 101 in less urgent cases.

Are any of the alerts about scams?

Yes quite a few are.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Neighbourhood Alert.